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Hello Ausma, Valeriy, Andrey, Vladimir, Boris, Valdis, Nikolay, Artis, Yakov, Yuriy, Viesturs, Andris!


I would like to express my personal support for your actions when you abstained from voting on amendments to the Constitution in the second reading.

I think that many others whose rights are concerned will join me, however not all of them have the opportunity to confirm their opinion in written form. I am convinced that Latvian society is not as homophobic as it is being pictured. I wouldnt like you to think that you had nobody behind you (even if you voted according to your political position, not your personal attitude) and nobody to appreciate your actions. Your attitude is taken into account by a considerable part of the society, which for some reasons has been silent, is silent and will possibly stay silent in the future. Lets admit that to declare your homosexuality is not the same as to express a certain point of view, for example a political view. Still I hope that in the future there will be more people who will be able to overcome their fear of inobservance of approved social norms.

All this appears to be ironic, taking into consideration the fact that just in this period the Constitutional court of a South African republic decided that the states legislation on marriage was anti-constitutional, as it defines marriage as union of a man and a woman, and demanded that marriage is defined as union of two persons. Apparently Africa can be a teaching example for Latvian politicians in this respect.

Once again, thank you for your actions.

I would like to ask others to follow the example of the brave MPs and vote against the amendments in the 3d reading, thus showing your attitude towards the pointless modification on the state Constitution, which also includes pointless scattering of funds and time instead of sorting out other, more important laws.

With regards and wishes of successful work,

Vita Brakovska, 26 years

(my job is connected with implementation of innovation projects of European level in Latvia)



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