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Most considerable protests against elimination of the state-supported education in minority languages 2004

1.) 23.01.  Strike of nine schools. The columns of demonstrators came to the Ministry of education. About 5-7 thousand protesters took part in this school-strike.


2.) 05.02. Piquet in front of the Parliament and a large demonstration in the Old town. That day parliamentarians debated the law on education. 10-15 thousand people came to show their protest together with 30 schools. The deputy of the Council of Riga Alexandr Gilman was prosecuted and fined.


3.)11.02. Mass demonstration by the President castle and a march though the centre of Riga. Pupils and their parents demanded to cancel the education law. Almost all Riga schools took part in the strike. Delegations from the largest Latvian cities came to support the strike.

Again, Mr Gilman was found guilty.


4.) 27.02  Mass action The wall, about 2000 participants. The new education law came in force.


5.) 15.04 10 to 15 thousand signatures from 42 schools were passed to the Minister of education. Mass demonstration, piquet, march. Seven Russophone school defenders, amongst whom deputies of Riga council and Parliament, were persecuted and found guilty.


6.)16.04 A lesson of democracy. About 10 thousand demonstrators marched though the Riga city centre.


7.)01.05. Two big processions of 20 thousand people marched from the centre of Riga to the palace, where a mass gathering of about 65 000 people took place.


8.) 01.09. Mass gathering.  About 30 thousands came to show their disagreement with the education law, which was implemented that day.

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