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" : A visit to the House of Commons by MEPs concerned over removal of children from families of Eastern European immigrants in the UK
Latvian Russian Union
What we stand for: read more >> (135) (Have read: 47152)

Schengen scale-back confirmed as deal reached on introduction of border controls
The European Parliament and Council reached an agreement on two key legislative files related to the EU's Schengen border-free system, one on the reintroduction of border controls and one on the evaluation of Schengen, on May 29, 2013. read more >> (3) (Have read: 13267)

Competition of integration processes in Europe and the boundaries of EU enlargement.
These topics have acquired a new significance after the Ukrainian government approved the Association Agreement with the EU, Armenia expressed the wish to join the Eurasian Customs Union, and the Turkish authorities have acknowledged the failure of European integration of their country. read more >> (1) (Have read: 10938)

Strong backing for Fundamental Rights Agency "Important work must not be watered down" - Zdanoka
The European Parliament has given its strong backing to the work of the EU's Fundamental Rights Agency. MEPs voted by a large majority to support the work programme of the agency for the next five years - known as the 'multi-annual framework'. read more >> (0) (Have read: 15162)

Movement "For Equal Rights" calls the Council of Europe to evaluate Latvian law on popular initiatives
The movement has sent a letter to CoE's Secretary-General, Commissioner for Human Rights and President of the Parliamentary Assembly. It calls on them to send Latvian laws for consideration of the CoE constitutional law commission read more >> (0) (Have read: 15253)

MEP Tatjana Zdanoka presented her report about EU Agency for Fundamental Rights on LIBE meeting
I invite you to support my report concerning a Multiannual Framework for 2013-2017 for the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. read more >> (0) (Have read: 15448)

Movement "For Equal Rights" appeals the refusal to go on with collecting signatures for citizenship law amendments
On November, 26, the representatives of the movement have submitted to the Administrative Disctrict Court a request to order to conduct the second stage of gathering signatures for the proposed amendments read more >> (0) (Have read: 16163)

Movement "For Equal Rights": Q&A
For Equal Rights is a Latvian social movement, which was created in 2011. It has a very specific goal - to initiate a national referendum to amend the Citizenship Law. Under the proposed legislation, the Latvian citizenship will be automatically granted to those non-citizens, who wish to take up the citizenship in Latvia read more >> (0) (Have read: 17486)

EP back-down on Schengen a blow for core EU policy
The European Parliament adopted legislative agreements on two key files related to the EU's Schengen border-free system, one on the reintroduction of border controls and one on the evaluation of Schengen, on June 12, 2013 read more >> (0) (Have read: 12572)

For Human Rights in a United Latvia Partys Program for the elections of the 11th Saeima (2011)
The extraordinary elections of 2012 give the chance to elect a parliament that will be really able to justify the confidence of the electorate. We must restore the FHRUL parliamentary group in the new Saeima as a bastion of uncompromising opposition to the regime of nationalists and oligarchs read more >> (0) (Have read: 15001)

For Human Rights in a United Latvia - Partys Program for the Elections of European Parliament, 2009
Human rights and social security for every resident of Latvia! Fair aid in overcoming the crisis for each EU country! The right to use native language and to receive education in mother tongue for every nation in Europe! read more >> (0) (Have read: 30505)

  News   01.12.2015

The Foreword to the Book "Citizens of a Non-Existent State. The long-term Phenomenon of Mass Statelessness in Latvia"... read more >>

An opinion by Douwe Korff, Professor of International law, London Metropolitan University, London (UK) & Ian Brown, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford (UK), prepared at the request of Greens/EFA group... read more >>
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